It’s Over…For Now

Posted: March 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, some 14 months later, The Upstate Book Project has come to a close. I do apologize to Patty Allen for leaving her name out of the Artist Index. Once again, I shouldn’t be allowed to edit ANYTHING. Thanks to all the artists and wonderful people, patrons, and organizations who contributed to make this project happen. Once again it was a great example of creative energy and collaboration on everyone’s part. Art in itself is selfish in nature because it is between the artist and their work but when we all come together for arts sake look what can happen. It couldn’t have been more selfless. I am proud to be part of the upstate artists collective. This project could not have happened without each and everyone of you. Once again, I am proud to have hosted such a project.

As it stands we are considering doing it again so check back every now and again for details.

The Upstate Book Project: The Sequel.

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