The Book is Here!

As promised I have uploaded the second edition of the Upstate Book Project 2.0  and the first edition will no longer be available. Here is the link to order your copy.

The reception was a blast!! Thanks to all of the participating artists, our UBP 2.0 team and the city of Spartanburg for coming out and supporting this project. It was packed. We sold over 100 books! That’s a lot of local art in the hands of the masses. We would also like to thank The Hub City Tap House, The Nu Way Restaurant, CCC, and The Farmers Table for their sponsorship as well.  Also check our Facebook Page for other happenings and updates on UBP 3.0.


ubp 6
Jim & Bailie hang the show.
ubp 5
Our very own beer for the project.

ubp 2

2017-04-08 08.01.04
So big it wouldn’t fit in the frame.

2017-04-08 06.16.042017-04-08 05.51.152017-04-08 05.39.04

2017-04-08 05.38.40
The food was awesome.
2017-04-08 03.48.45
Jim & Colby wrestle the UBP 2.0 beer into place.
2017-04-08 04.04.05
Thank God Jim has math skills.
2017-04-08 05.03.08
How many art shows have cornhole?
2017-04-08 05.31.45
Jim, Charlotte, Chris, Thomas and a few others.
2017-04-08 05.48.15
Autographing the books.

2017-04-08 05.51.202017-04-08 06.30.11

2017-04-08 02.18.54
The layout.
2017-04-08 02.19.11
Setting up.

2017-04-08 02.19.52

2017-04-08 03.49.28
Hanging the exhibit.

2017-04-08 04.00.372017-04-08 04.01.252017-04-08 04.03.242017-04-08 04.04.59

2017-04-08 05.47.56
People start to show up.

2017-04-08 05.51.03

2017-04-08 05.51.20
And more people…
2017-04-08 06.16.08
and more people…

2017-04-08 06.29.572017-04-08 06.30.012017-04-08 06.30.11

2017-04-08 08.01.13
The rest of it.



Book cover jpeg

The Final Countdown

2-0-0I spent six hours uploading and tweaking the project last night. Hopefully I did not miss anything. ( We all know I did) With printing and shipping the books should arrive just in time for the exhibit. See “Exhibit and Reception” page for details. We hope you can join us for this seven month long art project at The Tap House located at 197 East St. John St. in downtown Spartanburg 29306 from 6-9 to view the actual artwork and meet the artists. We hope  to see you there.

Here We Go

Its all going to press, the artwork has been photographed and edited as well as the story. I have put all the necessary pieces in place and will upload as soon as Jim approves it. Remember, we all know I do not need to edit ANY page. Once approved I will upload and product should be here within three weeks of that date. Selected Artists will be given access to download or order a physical copy prior to the release party. The public will be given access the day of the release party. A limited number (20 or less) of books will be for sale at the event. Following the event, physical copies will be available at the Hub City Bookshop .

Home Stretch….

We photographed the final pieces for the project this week. All story line is in and edited. All artwork has been edited and ready to be formatted for the upload. I’m working on laying out the book as we speak. A few more days and all should be ready to upload to the server. Fingers crossed.

Its On Like Donkey Kong


We not only have all of the story lines edited but have also just received the final piece of art as well! We are super excited to have the rest of them photographed for the book. The artists have really given us a variety of illustration and we hope you will think so as well.

Now comes the layout, the copy edit, design info, special thanks, and websites. Speaking of websites, we have added artists webpages on the accepted artists (scroll down) post.

Stay tuned for updates (hopefully more exciting than this one) Now, if I just don’t misspell my name again. (inside joke)


Crunch Time!



We have just sent the story to the final artist. They have been tasked with finishing the story. No pressure here. Now we wait to see what happens. Once received, we begin the editing process and await the artwork.

It’s On! Here are the Accepted Artists

The first email has been sent. So now it begins.

Thad Troxell

Ethan Peeler

Patty Wright

Rich Ponder

Arrielle Adornetto

Travis Galloway,

Jason Hiltabiddle

Greyson Strawn

Joanna Mullins Darwin

Adam Duncan

Thomas Koenig

Linda Capracatta

Kris Inman

Jonathan Swift

Charlotte Babb

John Welter

Annette Giaco

Doris Turner

Chris Harwick

Joan Wheatley


The Story Begins



Seven was a special kid, not like the other children; cavalier in thinking but shy in action. Coming from the lower side of the tracks, Seven was not well-off, or popular, and poorly dressed to boot.  On a lonely stroll through the train yards one day, looking for a match to a single roller skate, Seven came across a bundle of canvas bags laying half-covered on the ground by the train tunnel. Curiosity arising within, Seven discovered the bags were filled with old money from the 1920’s. Vaguely remembering the long ago heist from the Bank of Salem, Seven realized that crime was never solved.

“How cool is this!! Or is it?” thought Seven. “I could become somebody with this money. I could go to private school.  I could … Wait! I can’t do any of that. Even if I was very discreet, everyone would notice when I showed up with anything new, especially clothes.  A skate to match my single one would be a red flag. Just going to the movies would be noticed. I have the keys to the kingdom, but I can’t walk through the gates. What should I do with this money?”